Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation

OPBF Title Fights Schedule

Date: Dec. 3,2018
Venue: Korakuen Hall, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

OPBF Featherweight Title Match 12R
OPBF Featherweight Champion
Satoshi Shimizu (Japan)
- Total bouts 7 W 7(7KO) -
VS OPBF Featherweight #6
Takuya Uehara (Japan)
- Total bouts 16 W16(10KO) -

Date: Dec. 1,2018
Venue: EDION Arena Osaka, Osaka, Osaka, Japan

OPBF Female Featherweight Title Match 8R
OPBF Female Featherweight Champion
Wakako Fujiwara (Japan)
- Total bouts 10 W 6(2KO) L 2 D 2 -
VS OPBF Female Featherweight #4
Kimika Miyoshi (Japan)
- Total bouts 25 W13(5KO) L11 D 1 -

Date: NOV.28,2018
Venue: Shenzhen, China

OPBF Silver Super Featherweight Title Match 10R
OPBF Super Featherweight #3
OPBF Silver Super Featherweight Champion
Takuya Watanabe (Japan)
- Total bouts 44 W35(20KO) L8 D1 -
Wisitsak Saiwaew (Thailand)
- Total bouts 13 W6(5KO) L7 -
Supervisor: Tsuyoshi Yasukochi

Date: Nov. 28,2018
Venue: Korakuen Hall, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Vacant OPBF Female Minimumweight Title Match 8R
OPBF Female Minimumweight #6
Erika Hanawa (Japan)
- Total bouts 12 W 9(3KO) L 3 -
VS OPBF Female Minimumweight #7
Jujeath Nagaowa (Philippines)
- Total bouts 32 W13(8KO) L18 D 1 -

Date: Sep.29,2018
Venue: Taipei Gymnasium, Taipei, Taiwan

Vacant OPBF Silver Super Featherweight Title Match 10R
OPBF Super Featherweight #11
Takuya Watanabe (Japan)
- Total bouts 43 W34(19KO) L8 D1 -
Paiboon Lorkham (Thailand)
- Total bouts 29 W19(8KO) L10 -
Supervisor: Tsuyoshi Yasukochi
Vacant World Boxing Council Asian Boxing Council Continental Female Super Flyweight Title Match 8R
Wensi Huang (China)
-Total bouts 13 W9(3KO) L3 D1-
VS Jutamas Jitpong (Thailand)
-Total bouts 6 W4(2KO) L2-

The Press Conference was held on August 9 in Taiwan.
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