Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation

OPBF Title Fights Schedule

Date: Feb. 11,2019
Venue: NTT Cred Hall, Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan

OPBF Light Flyweight Title Match 12R
OPBF Light Flyweight Champion
Edward Heno (Philippines)
- Total bouts 18 W13(5KO) L5 -
VS OPBF Light Flyweight #13
Koji Itagaki (Japan)
- Total bouts 34 W 18(7KO) L13 D3 -

Date: Dec. 24,2018
Venue: Sumiyoshi Ward Center, Osaka, Japan

Vacant OPBF Bantamweight Title Match 12R
OPBF Bantamweight #7
Yuki Strong Kobayashi (Japan)
- Total bouts 21 W14(8KO) L7 -
VS OPBF Bantamweight #4
Keita Kurihara (Japan)
- Total bouts 17 W12(11KO) L5 -

Date: DEC. 9, 2018
Venue: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Vacant OPBF Silver Super Bantamweight Title Match 10R

Gakuya Furuhashi (Japan)
- Total bouts 32 W23(12KO) L8 D1 -
Yutthichai Wannawong (Thailand)
- Total bouts 16 W9(7KO) L7 -

Undercard of Title Match

1) 52Kg Catch Weight 4R
Pham Huu Thuong (Vietnam) VS Nguyen The Ky (Vietnam)
2) Light Flyweight 4R
Takumi Chono (Japan) VS Nguyen Van Thanh (Vietnam)
3)72Kg Catch Weight 4R
Yasunori Mihara (Japan) VS Ngo Phong Du (Vietnam)
4)Super Lightweight 6R
Dao Nguyen Anh Tuan (Vietnam) VS Nguyen Thanh Thao (Vietnam)

Date: Dec. 9,2018
Venue: EDION Arena Osaka, Osaka, Osaka, Japan

OPBF Lightweight Title Match 12R
OPBF Lightweight Champion
Masayoshi Nakatani (Japan)
- Total bouts 17 W17(11KO) -
VS OPBF Lightweight #3
Hurricane Futa (Japan)
- Total bouts 33 W25(15KO) L7 D1 -

Date: Dec. 3,2018
Venue: Korakuen Hall, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

OPBF Featherweight Title Match 12R
OPBF Featherweight Champion
Satoshi Shimizu (Japan)
- Total bouts 7 W 7(7KO) -
VS OPBF Featherweight #6
Takuya Uehara (Japan)
- Total bouts 16 W16(10KO) -

Date: Dec. 1,2018
Venue: EDION Arena Osaka, Osaka, Osaka, Japan

OPBF Female Featherweight Title Match 8R
OPBF Female Featherweight Champion
Wakako Fujiwara (Japan)
- Total bouts 10 W 6(2KO) L 2 D 2 -
VS OPBF Female Featherweight #4
Kimika Miyoshi (Japan)
- Total bouts 25 W13(5KO) L11 D 1 -

Date: Nov. 28,2018
Venue: Korakuen Hall, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Vacant OPBF Female Minimumweight Title Match 8R
OPBF Female Minimumweight #6
Erika Hanawa (Japan)
- Total bouts 12 W 9(3KO) L 3 -
VS OPBF Female Minimumweight #7
Jujeath Nagaowa (Philippines)
- Total bouts 32 W13(8KO) L18 D 1 -

Date: NOV.16,2018
Venue: Sofia Hotel, Prachinburi, Thailand

Vacant OPBF Silver Flyweight Title Match 10R
Panya Pradabsri (Thailand)
- Total bouts 25 W 24(13KO) L1 -
Dexter Alimento (Philippines)
- Total bouts 17 W13(9KO) L4 -

Date: Sep.29,2018
Venue: Taipei Gymnasium, Taipei, Taiwan

Vacant OPBF Silver Super Featherweight Title Match 10R
OPBF Super Featherweight #11
Takuya Watanabe (Japan)
- Total bouts 43 W34(19KO) L8 D1 -
Paiboon Lorkham (Thailand)
- Total bouts 29 W19(8KO) L10 -
Supervisor: Tsuyoshi Yasukochi
Vacant World Boxing Council Asian Boxing Council Continental Female Super Flyweight Title Match 8R
Wensi Huang (China)
-Total bouts 13 W9(3KO) L3 D1-
VS Jutamas Jitpong (Thailand)
-Total bouts 6 W4(2KO) L2-

The Press Conference was held on August 9 in Taiwan.
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